Racism, Sexism, and Gaming—Cruel Optimism: The Problem with Meritocratic Media
Nakamura is a 1987 Reed College graduate and is currently the Gwendolyn Calvert Baker Collegiate Professor of American Cultures at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Prof. Steinberger Wins Goldschmidt Fellowship
Professor of Political Science Peter Steinberger was awarded the Maure L. Goldschmidt Memorial Research Fellowship

NPR’s Peabody Award Winning Correspondent Arun Rath Announced as Reed College’s 103rd Commencement Speaker
Reed College’s commencement ceremony is scheduled for Monday, May 15, 2017, beginning at 11 a.m. on the college’s south lawn

College is Open
The College is open

Generous gift from Tim and Mary Boyle transforms Reed's sports center
The donation transformed the Sports Center into a more inclusive space.

Physics major embarks on tall ship research expedition to Phoenix Islands
Reed physics major Kevin Freymiller ’17 embarks on a SEA Semester research voyage to the Phoenix Islands Protected Area.

Award Winning Author Laleh Khadivi Announced as Reed’s 102nd Commencement Speaker
Award winning novelist, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and Reed alumna, Laleh Khadivi, will be the keynote speaker at the college’s 102nd annual commencement ceremony.

Understanding Putinism: Illiberal Russia through the Liberal Arts
The symposium will take place at Reed College on April 2 & 3. It is sponsored by the Alliance of Advanced Liberal Arts and Reed College.

Microsoft invests in the liberal arts and sciences
The $500,000 grant demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to the liberal arts and sciences as well as to the diverse skill set its graduates bring to the tech sector.

Join Reed College for ROMP 2016: Brahms Revisited
ROMP is an interdisciplinary symposium on music and the liberal arts and sciences, presented by Reed College in partnership with Chamber Music Northwest.

Chris Koski wins Goldschmidt, studies public involvement in policymaking
Reed College associate professor of political science Chris Koski is a 2015 recipient of a Maure L. Goldschmidt Memorial Research Fellowship. The fellowship will support Prof. Koski’s current research project, which investigates the role of public comments in regulatory policymaking.

Mariela Szwarcberg wins Goldschmidt Fellowship to study inequality in Latin America
Reed College assistant professor of political science Mariela Szwarcberg is a 2015 recipient of the Maure L. Goldschmidt Memorial Research Fellowship.

Chris Koski wins Goldschmidt, studies regulatory policymaking
Reed College associate professor of political science Chris Koski is a 2015 recipient of a Maure L. Goldschmidt Memorial Research Fellowship. The fellowship will support Prof. Koski’s current research project, which investigates the role of public comments in regulatory policymaking.

Reed Joins Coalition of Schools to Change the College Application Process
Reed College has partnered with 80 other colleges around the nation to develop a free platform of online tools to streamline the process of planning for and applying to college.

First Goldschmidt Fellow will Assess Nuclear Proliferation Risk
Alexander Montgomery, associate professor of political science at Reed College, is the inaugural recipient of the Maure L. Goldschmidt Memorial Research Fellowship.

Reed Political Science Professor to Work at Pentagon on International Affairs Fellowship
Professor Montgomery will spend an academic year working at the Pentagon in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction as a Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow in Nuclear Security.

Reed announces Kathleen Saadat ’74 as commencement speaker
Kathleen Saadat '74 shares wisdom from more than four decades of making a difference in diversity in Oregon.

Join Reed College for Free Concerts in a Celebration of Tango Music
The concerts feature the institute’s world-class artistic faculty and advanced student ensembles in a variety of musical configurations, from solo piano to the large scale orquestas tipcias, or big bands.

Falone Serna Promoted to Director of Admission
Serna has brought leadership and visionary changes to Reed’s admission process.

Reed’s Gronke to Testify at Presidential Commission on Election Administration
Portland, Ore (August 8, 2013)--Paul Gronke, professor of political science and director of the Reed College Early Voting Information Center, will testify before the Presidential Commission on Election Administration on Thursday, August 8 in Denver, Colorado. The bipartisan commission seeks to make voting more accessible and is looking at a wide range of issues that may erect barriers to the election process. Areas of investigation include the location and number of polling stations, the management of voter rolls and poll books, and absentee and early voting. Gronke was invited to speak as a nationally recognized expert on early voting, which has seen significant increases over the past decade. In the past few elections, roughly 1/3 of votes were cast before Election Day. Gronke is not an advocate for a certain mode of voting. His testimony will provide an overview of the myriad ways early voting is administered throughout the United States.

Kip S. Thorne Wins 2013 Vollum Award for Distinguished Accomplishment in Science and Technology
Portland, Ore (August 26, 2013)--Kip S. Thorne is the 2013 recipient of Reed College's Vollum Award for Distinguished Accomplishment in Science and Technology. Thorne is the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus, at California Institute of Technology. Thorne's research has focused on Einstein's general theory of relativity and on astrophysics, with an emphasis on relativistic stars, black holes, wormholes, the theory of time travel, and especially gravitational waves. His current research is on the nonlinear dynamics of curved space-time. In 2009, Thorne became Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus, at Caltech to focus on research and creative endeavors. In addition to his scholarly work, Thorne is executive producer on a film by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar, which was adapted from Thorne’s original script treatment. Thorne was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1972, the National Academy of Sciences in 1973, American Philosophical Society in 1999, and was named California Scientist of the Year in 2004. He is internationally recognized for achievement in his field. His numerous honors include the Albert Einstein Medal of the Albert Einstein Society in Berne, Switzerland, and the Niels Bohr Gold Medal from United Nations Educational, Science, and Cultural Organization. Thorne was awarded the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award, the Phi Beta Kappa Science Writing Award, and the Priroda Readers' Choice Award for his book for nonscientists, Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy. Thorne will accept the Vollum Award at Reed College’s convocation ceremony on Wednesday, August 28. The qualities that distinguish awardees are hallmarks of Howard Vollum’s career — perseverance, a creative imagination, the ability to work with people and a fresh approach to problem solving. For his senior thesis project, Vollum built an oscilloscope; he later went on to co-found Tektronix, which revolutionized oscilloscope design and became a world leader in test, measurement, and monitoring technology. Vollum graduated from Reed in 1936 and remained involved with the college throughout his life.

Reed College Hires New Vice President and Treasurer
Reed College announced today that it has hired Lorraine Arvin, former University of Chicago associate vice president for finance and administration and treasurer, to be the next Reed College vice president and treasurer. Arvin will take over as chief financial officer for the college in 2014. Arvin will oversee all finance, budgeting and investment responsibilities at the college, including oversight over the college's $494 million endowment. The position also supervises a broad array of the college’s administrative functions including human resources, buildings and grounds, environmental health and safety, the bookstore, and risk management.

Reed Awarded $950,000 to Advance Student Digital Research
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded Reed College $800,000 to strengthen student competencies in digital research. Together with $150,000 from The W.M. Keck Foundation and Reed's own resources, the Mellon grant will help support a $1,175,925, four-year project aimed at transforming undergraduate student research in the digital age.

Russian Prof. Grinberg to Present at Holocaust Museum
Russian Professor Marat Grinberg has been selected to participate in the Jack and Anita Hess Faculty Seminar at the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum’s Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies in Washington, D.C., from January 3 through 8.

Reed Switchboard gains national attention
In his recent article, “Paying to Pay it Forward,” Inside Higher Ed reporter Mitch Smith examines the alumni-led networking group Reed Switchboard. On the group’s homepage, the group describes itself as alumni eager to help students and recent graduates.