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Goldwater Scholarship recognizes four Ohio State juniors

Research: In hospitals, a tradeoff between better clinical quality and a good patient experience

Smiling through the tears: Study shows how tearjerkers make people happier

“This school is a national leader in developing new sources of energy”
See photos from President Obama's visit to campus

President Obama to visit campus Thursday
Speech at RPAC will focus on American Energy

Ohio State professor describes new tool to reveal structure of proteins

Ohio State graduate program rankings issued by U.S. News & World Report

New labor-tracking tool proposed to reduce C-sections in first-time moms

Most Americans save only about half of their inheritances, study finds

Research: Is it a peanut or a tree nut? Half of those with allergies aren't sure

15-year study: When it comes to creating wetlands, Mother Nature is in charge

Valerie Lee tapped to head Ohio State’s Outreach and Engagement efforts

Researchers capture first-ever image of atoms forming a molecule

Mathematician Matt Kahle's work garners 2012 Sloan Fellowship

Research: Music influences support for ethnic groups

School bullies more likely to be substance users, study finds

Study: With the right photo, your Facebook text profile hardly matters

Traffic and parking alert March 2-4: Construction and many events this weekend; follow officer directions and signs, use caution, expect delays

Research: Winning makes people more aggressive toward the defeated

Ohio State is 10th in fundraising nationally

Political science professor will give winter commencement address

Research: Phobia's effect on perception of feared object allows fear to persist

News linking alcohol to crimes, accidents increase support for liquor law enforcement, study says

Provost Alutto: "Being Excellent and Becoming Eminent"