Bryan College is located in Dayton, Tennessee and is a private college. Bryan College is a four year college and offers Associate's Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, and a number of different programs and courses.

Bryan College is in a relatively rural area (in the country away from any large cities), which may be something you prefer if you like the country lifestyle as a student.

Bryan College has a rolling admissions policy, which means that you can apply throughout the year for the upcoming semester.

Bryan College is relatively smaller in size with an enrollment of only 764 students.

Bryan College accepts about 86% of its applicants on average, and 95% of the students receive some sort of financial aid for college at Bryan College.

If you are looking for more information on financial aid at Bryan College, you can may want to contact Michael Sapienza, who is the Director of Financial Aid at Bryan College. You may also qualify for scholarships for college in Tennessee to attend Bryan College or grants for college in Tennessee to attend Bryan College.

You may also need to take one or more of the following tests to qualify for admission at Bryan College:

  • ACT

Bryan College offers military credit for military courses that have been completed successfully by students.

If you have taken some advanced placement courses with an applicable test, or obtained credit from an other college, you may be eligible to transfer that credit to Bryan College.

Bryan College offers the following co-op opportunities and programs to its students:

Bryan College offers the following extracurricular activities to its students:

You may want to brush up on your ACT preparation as well, because the average ACT score for students that are entering Bryan College is 24.

Don't forget to study for the SAT, because the average SAT score for students that are entering Bryan College is 1105.

Do a lot of students come from out of state to attend Bryan College? Well, about 72% of the student body at Bryan College comes from outside the state of Tennessee.

Do a lot of the students at Bryan College live on campus? Well, about 92% live on campus, while 8% live off campus and commute to school every day.


Bryan College Address:

P.O. Box 7000
Dayton, Tennessee 37321-7000
Phone: 423-775-2041
Fax: 423-775-7300
Web Site:

Bryan College admission closing date:


Does Bryan College offer Associate's degrees?


Does Bryan College offer Bachelor's degrees?


Does Bryan College offer Master's degrees?


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Bryan College graduation rate:


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Bryan College tuition cost (estimate):


Financial Aid is available only to those who qualify.

Bryan College room & board cost (estimate):


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Is Bryan College a private college?


Is Bryan College a coed college?


Bryan College school calendar:


Is Bryan College a 2 year or 4 year college?

4 Years
Please Note: Length of programs pertain to finishing programs in normal time.

Bryan College enrollment:

764 Students

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Percentage of African American students:


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Percentage of students living on campus:


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