IU hosts cutting-edge conference at the crossroads of human and machine learning
Computer scientists, neuroscientists and psychologists came together for a unique gathering at IU Bloomington.

New study shows evidence that health information exchanges improve care, reduce costs
The new findings represent progress in reaching the national goals of better-quality care, improved population health and lower costs.

Scientists use photonic chip to make virtual movies of molecular motion
The research could lead to new ways of molecular modeling to create new chemicals for use as pharmaceuticals.

Price competition for generic drugs linked to increase in manufacturing-related recalls
Researchers from three universities have found that price competition in the generic drug market may be putting more patients at risk.

Herron School of Art and Design's Biennial Faculty Exhibition showcases diverse programs of study
Herron School of Art and Design faculty are highlighted at the Biennial Faculty Exhibition, June 7-Aug. 29.

School of Engineering and Technology students find work at 'The Racing Capital of the World'
IUPUI students are working with racing teams and the IndyCar Series at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

IU bug-borne disease monitoring project finds deer ticks on the rise in Indiana
Project Vector Shield has found increased numbers of the ticks that carry Lyme disease in Southern Indiana.

IU credit ratings again in the top tier of public universities
S&P Global rated IU AAA, and the university is rated Aaa by Moody's Investors Service.

IU formally opens new gateway office, expands engagement in Mexico as Latino impact on Indiana grows
IU President Michael A. McRobbie will lead a delegation to Mexico City to take part in several events and open a new global gateway office.

La Universidad de Indiana abre una nueva oficina para expandir la relación en México

NBA point guard George Hill says graduating from IUPUI was about finishing the job
Hill, Cleveland Cavaliers' starting point guard and former IUPUI basketball star, was among a record number of IUPUI graduates Saturday.

What's trending in fake news? IU tools show which stories go viral, and if 'bots' are to blame
Indiana University researchers have launched upgrades to two tools playing a major role in countering the spread of misinformation online.

Indianapolis high school adopts math educational tech from IU, IUPUI startups
The school has installed a learning commons from Crossroads Education LLC and adopted technology from Graspable Inc.

IU among five nominees worldwide for technology transfer award
Global University Venturing has nominated the IU Research and Technology Corp. as Tech Transfer Unit of the Year.

Digital advances find a home in motorsports engineering's garages
When track time is scarce, computer simulations, data analysis and coding are key to IUPUI's unique, high-octane program.

Let's Do Lunch: Powered by Poke
Ali'i Poke specializes in different varieties of the Hawaiian seafood salad. Customers can choose from signature bowls or build their own.

Technology faculty member releases new album of unique works
Music and arts technology's Jordan Munson will debut a new album of original compositions this summer.

Global health class gives IUPUI students unique chance to engage with Morocco
Students in the School of Public Health joined with Moroccan students this spring to address public issues in that North African country.

IU experts available to comment on upcoming Supreme Court online tax decision
IU experts are available to comment on an upcoming Supreme Court decision that could make it easier for states to tax online sales.

IU scientists find first evidence animals can mentally replay past events
The ability to test human types of memory in animals will strengthen the search for drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease.

Exhibit showcases thriving neighborhood that gave way for the construction of IUPUI
'Welcome to the Neighborhood' focuses on the people, businesses and community life in a westside neighborhood before IUPUI.

Women seeking financing for start-ups are perceived as more trustworthy by crowdfunding investors
Women may benefit from gender bias when seeking initial financing for business start-ups through crowdfunding, according to an IU study.

Annual expert survey on Congress finds dwindling middle ground, failing grades
Experts on the legislative branch award Congress low grades in the 12th annual survey by the Center on Representative Government.

Cleveland Cavaliers guard George Hill becomes an IUPUI graduate
Hill finished his degree in general studies from IUPUI's School of Liberal Arts this spring, nearly 15 years after he began college.

Indiana University hires coordinator to support employees' work-life journey
A newly hired work-life coordinator, Angela Reese, will help IU accommodate employees' diverse needs for individual and family well-being.