[General] RSC Scholar-Athlete Teams Announced
The River States Conference Scholar-Athlete Teams for the eight spring sports within the RSC have been announced, and they are detailed below. There are a total of 266 awardees across the eight sports of baseball, men's golf, men's tennis, men's track and field, softball, women's golf, women's tennis and women's track and field. To be eligible for the RSC Scholar-Athlete Teams, honorees must have a 3.25 grade-point average or higher, compete in an RSC sport and be nominated by their school. The NAIA has a similar awards program, the NAIA-Daktronics Scholar-Athlete award, which is for juniors and seniors with a 3.50+ GPA. BASEBALLA total of 43 baseball players made the RSC Baseball Scholar-Athlete Team. Ohio Christian led the baseball conference with 10 honorees. Midway next with eight. SchoolNameSportAsbury UniversityChristian BeckleyBaseballAsbury UniversityEvan KellyBaseballAsbury UniversityJoe WilliamsBaseballAsbury UniversityJoey StengerBaseballAsbury UniversitySam PortaBaseballBrescia UniversityColton HurtBaseballBrescia UniversityCorey MasonBaseballBrescia UniversitySteven StandaferBaseballBrescia UniversityTyler CunninghamBaseballBrescia UniversityZachary ScheidBaseballCincinnati Christian UniversityJack WashburnBaseballCincinnati Christian UniversityMark WaltersBaseballCincinnati Christian UniversityMicah McCraryBaseballCincinnati Christian UniversityPayton JenkinsBaseballCincinnati Christian UniversityZach BobbittBaseballIndiana University SoutheastAlex SchoettmerBaseballIndiana University SoutheastKyle HawkinsBaseballIndiana University SoutheastRichard RodriguezBaseballMidway UniversityAnibal SaladoBaseballMidway UniversityBarrett CroslinBaseballMidway UniversityCarlos CespedesBaseballMidway UniversityCorey PlahutaBaseballMidway UniversityDaniel ChaffinBaseballMidway UniversityFrancis MejiaBaseballMidway UniversityHunter BarnesBaseballMidway UniversityPeyton JohnsonBaseballOhio Christian UniversityEric RinehartBaseballOhio Christian UniversityEthan SkowronskiBaseballOhio Christian UniversityGeorge HendersonBaseballOhio Christian UniversityHayden HuffordBaseballOhio Christian UniversityHunter GrayBaseballOhio Christian UniversityHunter HoltBaseballOhio Christian UniversityIsaiah HaleyBaseballOhio Christian UniversityJacob McFarlandBaseballOhio Christian UniversityMichael AndersonBaseballOhio Christian UniversityTyler FranceBaseballUniversity of Rio GrandeZach HarveyBaseballUniversity of Rio GrandeCole MeadeBaseballUniversity of Rio GrandeTrey MeadeBaseballUniversity of Rio GrandeCollin PowersBaseballUniversity of Rio GrandeMichael RodriguezBaseballUniversity of Rio GrandeAustin WolfingerBaseballUniversity of Rio GrandeDylan ShockleyBaseball MEN'S GOLFA total of 34 men's golfers made the RSC Men's Golf Scholar-Athlete Team. IU East led the men's golf conference with seven honorees. WVU Tech was next with six. SchoolNameSportAsbury UniversityBenjamin CampbellMen's GolfAsbury UniversityCole JordanMen's GolfBrescia UniversityDaniel SteeleMen's GolfBrescia UniversityJacob EnglandMen's GolfBrescia UniversityJustin RobertsMen's GolfBrescia UniversityKolton MyattMen's GolfBrescia UniversityLogan HartMen's GolfBrescia UniversityNolan WhiteMen's GolfBrescia UniversityTrevor BrownMen's GolfIndiana University EastBen TinkleMen's GolfIndiana University EastBrandon BaumanMen's GolfIndiana University EastCurtis RobbinsMen's GolfIndiana University EastJacob CampbellMen's GolfIndiana University EastKole SchofieldMen's GolfIndiana University EastLance HackmanMen's GolfIndiana University EastTyler PearsonMen's GolfIndiana University KokomoAustin WelchMen's GolfIndiana University KokomoCam WeddellMen's GolfIndiana University KokomoKaleb HarnessMen's GolfIndiana University KokomoSeth GrimmeMen's GolfOhio Christian UniversityCasey MooreMen's GolfOhio Christian UniversityDylan WilkersonMen's GolfOhio Christian UniversityEvan BrouwerMen's GolfOhio Christian UniversitySeth McDonaldMen's GolfPoint Park UniversityGage BasilettiMen's GolfPoint Park UniversityJustin GuzikMen's GolfPoint Park UniversityKieran PhoenixMen's GolfPoint Park UniversityNick FinoliMen's GolfWVU TechBraden KeownMen's GolfWVU TechBrandon KeatonMen's GolfWVU TechCallum LangfordMen's GolfWVU TechDrew HiskinsMen's GolfWVU TechJayden DignanMen's GolfWVU TechKieren SamarakoonMen's Golf MEN'S TENNISA total of nine men's tennis players made the RSC Men's Tennis Scholar-Athlete Team with five from Asbury and four from IU East.  SchoolNameSportAsbury UniversityAquille TrotmanMen's TennisAsbury UniversityPaul LiaoMen's TennisAsbury UniversitySeth HeinssMen's TennisAsbury UniversityShane MustorMen's TennisAsbury UniversityWestin JablonowskiMen's TennisIndiana University EastAlex ShelleyMen's TennisIndiana University EastColton ShipleyMen's TennisIndiana University EastHunter WilsonMen's TennisIndiana University EastKeaton AkersMen's Tennis MEN'S TRACK & FIELDA total of 35 athletes made the RSC Men's Track & Field Scholar-Athlete Team. Carlow led the men's track and field conference with eight honorees. Point Park was next with seven. SchoolNameSportBrescia UniversityChase McCauleyMen's Track & FieldBrescia UniversityJaleel ParrisMen's Track & FieldBrescia UniversityKyle RobinsonMen's Track & FieldBrescia UniversityZachary JohnsonMen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityAnton SarazenMen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityChandler StockwellMen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityChristopher WoodleyMen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityEric MorrisMen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityJeffrey AmoroseMen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityJoseph PalmieriMen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityTimothy RichardsonMen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityZachary ByczynskiMen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastAdam KlipstineMen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastJustin LoweMen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastMitch BurelisonMen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastSalvador CamposMen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastSeth ReynoldsMen's Track & FieldIndiana University KokomoEthan DubbelsMen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityCanaan GardnerMen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityHayden MinkMen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityKyle BeneckeMen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversitySam ChurchMen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityAndre BennettMen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityAndre LoweryMen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityBradley CallejaMen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityBryan PartikaMen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityCarlos PolancoMen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityChris HuntMen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityJared RossMen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeNikola AndjelicMen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeAdam ChamperMen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeEthan GreenawaltMen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeMichael NorrisMen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeDaniel EverettMen's Track & FieldWVU TechLuke JobsonMen's Track & Field SOFTBALLA total of 57 players made the RSC Softball Scholar-Athlete Team. Point Park led the softball conference with nine honorees. Carlow was next with eight.  SchoolNameSportAsbury UniversityAlly MooreSoftballAsbury UniversityAmara WylieSoftballAsbury UniversityEmily RogersSoftballAsbury UniversityEmmaly GillisSoftballAsbury UniversityKamry WellsSoftballAsbury UniversityShauna McKainSoftballBrescia UniversityAlysa CoomesSoftballBrescia UniversityCourtney KlueppelSoftballBrescia UniversityJustice TaylorSoftballBrescia UniversityLydia WisemanSoftballBrescia UniversityRobbi MorrisSoftballCarlow UniversityAbigail StroudSoftballCarlow UniversityAshley HoakSoftballCarlow UniversityCaitlyn SuterSoftballCarlow UniversityDanielle LevatoSoftballCarlow UniversityKelsey GeyerSoftballCarlow UniversityMaria LamondeSoftballCarlow UniversityNicole HallSoftballCarlow UniversityOlivia HuttonSoftballCincinnati Christian UniversityAshleigh CampbellSoftballCincinnati Christian UniversityBrooke WesleySoftballCincinnati Christian UniversityTiffany PriceSoftballCincinnati Christian UniversityValerie HudepohlSoftballIndiana University SoutheastEmily WeissSoftballIndiana University SoutheastSidney ChumblerSoftballIndiana University SoutheastSydney SegerSoftballMidway UniversityAlexa MeierSoftballMidway UniversityJasmine JordanSoftballMidway UniversityKendall HornSoftballMidway UniversityMarissa WalkerSoftballMidway UniversityShelbie GoodwinSoftballMidway UniversityVictoria McGuireSoftballOhio Christian UniversityAshlee IrelandSoftballOhio Christian UniversityChristine MoyerSoftballOhio Christian UniversityDenise ArledgeSoftballOhio Christian UniversityD'Lani SwackhammerSoftballOhio Christian UniversityLauryn RutanSoftballOhio Christian UniversityTaylor BarrettSoftballOhio Christian UniversityWhitney FiedlerSoftballPoint Park UniversityAshley IagnemmaSoftballPoint Park UniversityChelsea RogelSoftballPoint Park UniversityCourtney BlocherSoftballPoint Park UniversityDelaney BaumisSoftballPoint Park UniversityKim CorcoranSoftballPoint Park UniversityLily PrunedaSoftballPoint Park UniversityPaula AmbroseSoftballPoint Park UniversityShannon DavisSoftballPoint Park UniversityTiffany EdwardsSoftballUniversity of Rio GrandeHannah HawleySoftballUniversity of Rio GrandeCarly SkeeseSoftballUniversity of Rio GrandeKacee JenkinsSoftballUniversity of Rio GrandeKelly FuchsSoftballUniversity of Rio GrandeAlexis PhilenSoftballUniversity of Rio GrandeBrooke HoffmanSoftballUniversity of Rio GrandeMichaela CrinerSoftballWVU TechAshley DanielsSoftballWVU TechKayte BlandfordSoftball WOMEN'S GOLFA total of 18 women's golfers made the RSC Women's Golf Scholar-Athlete Team. Midway led the women's golf conference with six honorees. Carlow was next with three.  SchoolNameSportAsbury UniversitySydney MoranWomen's GolfBrescia UniversityAllison HolemanWomen's GolfBrescia UniversityBrookelyn HattabaughWomen's GolfCarlow UniversityAbigail WilczynskiWomen's GolfCarlow UniversityNatalie AbtWomen's GolfCarlow UniversitySamantha StefanikWomen's GolfIndiana University EastBreanna NowakWomen's GolfIndiana University EastLexie FieldsWomen's GolfIndiana University KokomoBrooke TroutmanWomen's GolfIndiana University KokomoHattie JohnsonWomen's GolfMidway UniversityChelsea SchackWomen's GolfMidway UniversityHannah ScrogginsWomen's GolfMidway UniversityJasmine ValentineWomen's GolfMidway UniversityKathryn LawlerWomen's GolfMidway UniversityKelsey WhitehouseWomen's GolfMidway UniversityMercedes LaneWomen's GolfOhio Christian UniversityAdina RosenliebWomen's GolfOhio Christian UniversityLauren CurtisWomen's Golf WOMEN'S TENNISA total of 22 women's tennis players made the RSC Women's Tennis Scholar-Athlete Team. IU East led the women's tennis conference with seven honorees. Carlow was next with five.  SchoolNameSportAlice Lloyd CollegeEmily BurginWomen's TennisAlice Lloyd CollegeKennedi DamronWomen's TennisAsbury UniversityBrianna GipsonWomen's TennisAsbury UniversityCaitlin ConyersWomen's TennisAsbury UniversityEmily RossWomen's TennisAsbury UniversitySarah ScanlanWomen's TennisCarlow UniversityJulianna MamajekWomen's TennisCarlow UniversityJustina JacquillardWomen's TennisCarlow UniversityMaryKathryn HankewyczWomen's TennisCarlow UniversityMelanie LongWomen's TennisCarlow UniversityRebecca WalkerWomen's TennisIndiana University EastBri AyresWomen's TennisIndiana University EastBrooklyn HubbardWomen's TennisIndiana University EastKaylin VeneziaWomen's TennisIndiana University EastKrystal SchmidtWomen's TennisIndiana University EastMorgan JacksonWomen's TennisIndiana University EastRebecca LockhartWomen's TennisIndiana University EastSarah LockhartWomen's TennisIndiana University SoutheastAlexis ApplegateWomen's TennisIndiana University SoutheastDana FrankWomen's TennisIndiana University SoutheastJeannie SotoWomen's TennisMidway UniversityMadison ChambersWomen's Tennis WOMEN'S TRACK & FIELDA total of 46 athletes made the RSC Women's Track & Field Scholar-Athlete Team. Rio Grande led the women's track and field conference with 14 honorees. Ohio Christian was next with eight. SchoolNameSportBrescia UniversityJordan BlemkerWomen's Track & FieldBrescia UniversityKassi GilbertWomen's Track & FieldBrescia UniversityMakenzie JacksonWomen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityBailey KlemsWomen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityKatherine WinterWomen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityLeanne GlaubWomen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityMaryKathryn BairWomen's Track & FieldCarlow UniversityMegan HorganWomen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastAshley ToschlogWomen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastAutumn KannWomen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastKaylee SimpsonWomen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastSarah HornakWomen's Track & FieldIndiana University EastTrisha SpiveyWomen's Track & FieldIndiana University KokomoBrittany SloanWomen's Track & FieldIndiana University KokomoBrooke RunyonWomen's Track & FieldIndiana University KokomoTaylor CoramWomen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityAly TurrentineWomen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityAriel YoungWomen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityKara ParedesWomen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityMadigan MarshallWomen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityMylie LaFountaineWomen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversitySara StewartWomen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversitySerenity McCardleWomen's Track & FieldOhio Christian UniversityZarria WilliamsWomen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityAlexis ShermanWomen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityAnna ShieldsWomen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityBrittany ManietWomen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityKara RohlfWomen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityMarie SkrepenakWomen's Track & FieldPoint Park UniversityOlukemi OlugbakinroWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeKatie BrowningWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeJennifer CaseWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeKylie CaudillWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeMarissa CommonsWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeTaylor GrubbWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeReaghan HainesWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeKelsey MillerWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeKeri LawrenceWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeTyanna Petty-CraftWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeBrooke SchofieldWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeNatalie SeebergWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeLucy WilliamsWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeAlexis Johnson-SchoolcraftWomen's Track & FieldUniversity of Rio GrandeMadison OilerWomen's Track & FieldWVU TechJamie FauverWomen's Track & FieldWVU TechKatie ErwinWomen's Track & FieldWVU TechKatrina FairbairnWomen's Track & FieldWVU TechMelissa BakowskiWomen's Track & Field

[Men's Basketball] Alex Gray Commits to the Bearcats
The newest member of the Brescia University Men's Basketball Recruiting Class is a familiar face from the Owensboro area.  Alex Gray a 6'3" Senior Forward from Apollo High School has committed to be a Bearcat.  Gray averaged 12.5 PPG and 6.5 RPG while shooting 49% from the field.  Gray can score at all three levels as he shot 32% from three and 81.9% from the foul line.  "He is a competitor he does all the little things a team needs to win.  He plays defense and takes great pride in taking charges.  He is an absolute hard-nosed player that just wants to win. ", stated Head Coach  Brian Skortz.  "One of our priorities was to bring in some players that enjoy playing some defense.  Alex loves the challenge of guarding the opponents best scoring option but Alex also gets his teammates involved on offense as well.  He is a very good passer and sees the floor well.", added Coach Skortz.  Gray helped Apollo HS reach the Kentucky Boy's Basketball State Tournament after capturing the Region 3 Championship beating OCHS 51-41 this past high school basketball season.

[Men's Golf] 2018 NAIA Men's Golf National Championship Pairings and Tee Times Announced
(First Round | Second Round) The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has officially released the first and second round pairings for the 2018 NAIA Men's Golf National Championships at TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Ill. The 67th annual event will take place May 15-18. For full release, click here Good luck Bearcats and safe travels!!! 

[Men's Basketball] Brescia gets commitment from Ohio State Champion Jalen Rose
Brescia University Men's Basketball Program received a commitment from Deer Park HS (OH) Senior Jalen Rose.  The 6'5" Rose finished his senior year with a bang, winning the Ohio State Division 3 Boy's Basketball Tournament and going undefeated in the process.  Deer Park was the first team to win a State Championship while going undefeated since LeBron James did it when he played with St. Vincent-St. Mary High  School 18 years ago.  Rose averaged 16.1 PPG while shooting 52% from the field.  "We are really excited in added Jalen to this impressive recruiting class.  He is a versatile scorer that loves to take the big shot.  He is also an improving defender that can run the court well in transition.", stated Head Coach Brian Skortz.  "He plays with a lot of moxie. His size and athletic ability also makes him an effective rebounder and he shoots the midrange jumper extremely well ..... as well as I have seen in awhile from the high school prospect." added Coach Skortz

[Baseball] Bearcats End Season
The Bearcats fell short in conference tournament action on Thursday and Friday in Chillicothe, Ohio. Brescia dropped game 1 to Indiana University Southeast, 17-4. The Bearcats squared off against the Eagles of Midway University on Friday and fell 8-3.Alex Flock was named to the 1st Team All-Conference team. Rafael Ballenilla received honors to be on the Champions of Character Team."Obviously not the way you want to end your season, but only one team ends their season on a high note. I want to personally thank the 7 seniors for everything they have done for this program and helping to lay the foundation for the years to come."—Coach Christian McHatton

[Men's Golf] 2018 NAIA Men's Golf National Championship Qualifiers Announced
The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has officially announced the team and individual qualifiers for the 2018 NAIA Men's Golf National Championships. The 67th annual event will take place at TPC Deere Run for the third-straight year in Silvis, Ill., May 15-18.First and second round pairings and tee times for the championships will be announced Friday at approximately 1 p.m. CDT on complete list of qualifiers and the story, CLICK HERE

[Men's Track & Field] Men's Track and Field 6th out of 8 RSC Championships
This past Friday April 27th the Men's Track and Field team competed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the River States Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships.  The Men finished 6th out of 8 teams and scored 31 points.  This is an improvement from last year where the men scored 22 points.4x100m Relay: The order was Jaleel Parris, Brandon Stacker, Cameron Davis, and Landon Holt.  They finished 3rd overall and finished in a time of 44.41.  The team earned all-conference and this was their season best and new school record.100m Dash: Jaleel Parris was the top Brescia sprinter, he finished in 11.54s placing 7th and just beating out Brandon Stacker in 11.67s.  Brandon placed 8th.  Tyler Harris finished in 12.67s and 15th overall.200m Dash: Landon Holt was the top Brescia sprinter, he finished in 23.09s and placed 7th overall.  He was followed by Cameron Davis in a time of 24.94s in 14th place, and Devin Watts in 25.06s placing 16th overall.400m Run: Landon Holt was again the top placing Brescia runner. He placed 4th overall and ran 50.08s.  He was followed by Devin Watts who placed 14th and ran 54.83s and Cameron Davis who ran a 56.44s and finished 16th overall.800m Run: Devin Roche ran a time of 2:09.34 and placed 16th. 10,000m Run: After leading the majority of the race Kyle Robinson was outkicked in the last few laps placing him 2nd overall good for all-conference Kyle finished with a new PR of 34:38.96. Long Jump: Jaleel Parris was the farthest jumping Bearcat with a best jump of 6.00m placing him 6th overall.  He was followed by Landon Holt who finished 7th with a best jump of 5.96m and Colton Metcalf who had a best jump of 5.04m good for 12th place.High Jump: Jaleel Parris finish the high jump in 6th place with a leap of 1.65m.Triple Jump: Colton Metcalf finished 6th overall with a jump of 11.71m.Javelin: This was only the second meet this year Landon competed in Javelin.  But, he finished 3rd overall earning all-conference with a best throw of 41.84m, this was also a new school record.  Lucas Petit finished 17th overall and threw for 21.61mShot Put: Zac Johnson finished 12th overall with a best throw of 9.40. Lucas Petit Finished 20th overall with a distance of 6.39mDiscus: Zac Johnson finished 15th overall with a distance of 27.92m

[Women's Track & Field] Women's Track & Field 7th of 8 at RSC Championships
This past Friday April 27th the Women's Track and Field team competed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the River States Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships.  The Women finished 7th out of 8 teams and scored 14 points.  This is an improvement from last year where the women scored 2 points.800m Run: Ashlie Carpenter finished 14th overall in 2:58.50.1500m Run: Makenzie Jackson finished in 6:15.10 placing 12th overall.5000m Run: Madeline Jones finished 8th overall with a time of 21:24.57.Long Jump: Kassi Gilbert had a best jump of 4.27m finishing in 10th place.Triple Jump: Kassi Gilbert had a best jump of 9.09m placing 4th overall.Shot Put: Mikayla Chinn placed 4th overall with a best throw of 10.41m.  Jordan Blemker threw for 8.40m and finished in 10th place.Discus: Mikayla Chinn had a breakout day where she hit 33.20m this was a new Season Best, PR, and School Record.  Mikayla placed 2nd overall earning her all-conference.  Jordan Blemker placed 7th overall with a best throw of 24.19m.

[Baseball] Season Ends in Conference Tournament
Top seed IU Southeast broke the game open with nine runs in the third inning on its way to a 17-4 victory over No. 6 Brescia in the opening game of the tournament. IU Southeast (38-10) belted three homers in the game with Nicholas Lugo going deep on a three-run shot for a 3-0 lead in the first inning.The nine-run third made the score 12-0, and the outburst included Cody Maloon's three-run blast, a two-run double by Lugo and a two-RBI triple from Josh Beams. There were six hits in the inning. Lugo ended up 3 for 4 with a homer, two doubles, three RBIs and three runs. IU Southeast totaled 17 hits, including a solo homer by Daniel Brescia later on in the game.  Maloon finished 3 for 4 with his homer, a double and three RBIs. Josh Beams was 2 for 3 with three RBIs and two runs. Collecting two hits each were Jordan Branz, Korbin Williams and Nolan Rogers. Jack Wohlert pitched 5.0 innings for IU Southeast to get the win. He scattered six hits and put up four zeros at the start of his outing. Brescia starter Hunter Kloke lasted into the third inning and gave up six runs. 

[Men's Soccer] Men's Soccer goes 3-1 in the Spring
The Brescia University Men's Soccer Team played four spring matches and ended the non-traditional season at 3-1.Brescia's first opponent was vs rival Kentucky Wesleyan College (NCAA DII). KWC took an early lead off a dangerous cross before adding a second form a set piece. They would take the 2-0 lead into the half. In the second half Brescia would take control of the match when Ricardo Majano would find Karim Ndoye at the top of the box who would beat the KWC Keeper to his low post. Brescia would add a second with Doodlyn Colas poaching a bouncing ball in the box and Jean Laurent would give the Bearcats the win off a pass from Kyle Bleidt. The match would finish 3-2 in favor of Brescia.Brescia would fall 0-1 to its next opponent Oakland City University (NCAA DII), but would bounce back for another 3-2 vs Spalding University (NCAA DIII). Brescia would start the match off with a goal from Doodlyn Colas off a Milton Garcia assist. Garcia would then get brought down in the box and convert his penalty to give Brescia a 2-0 lead. Spalding would then earn and convert a penalty of their own before the half ended. In the second half Spalding would get another goal back to tie the game up at 2-2. In the final 10 minutes Doodlyn Colas would get a poacher's goal off a loose ball inside the Spalding six yard box.  Brescia would finish the spring season off with their alumni match. Brescia would top the alumni 7-3 in a fun match. Over 20 alumni from over Brescia's 35-year history showed up to create a fantastic event for all involved.Head Coach Will Van Nostrand gave his thoughts on the spring, stating "I was really happy to get some good results vs some tough NCAA opponents this spring. The weather really hurt our ability to play but I think the results speak for themselves in the fact that we did find a way to get better as a team this spring. All credit to the boys for working hard this offseason despite tough conditions".Brescia is finishing up their recruiting class for the 2018 season! 

[Baseball] Bearcats Take Down Mighty Oaks
The Brescia Baseball team posted a 13-5 victory over Oakland City University Thursday Night. The Bearcats had 21 hits through 8 innings. Six different players recorded multi-hit games, as well as six Bearcats picking up RBI's. 

[Men's Basketball] Owensboro Catholic Senior Bailey Ballard Commits to Brescia
Brescia University has announced the addition of Bailey Ballard to the Men's Basketball 2018 recruiting class.  The 6'7" Senior forward from Owensboro Catholic HS averaged 7.7ppg while shooting 52% from the field and 75% from the foul line.  Ballard also earned 3rd Region All-Tournament Team honors this past season for the Aces.  "Bailey can shoot the basketball he can extend out to the three point line and can knock down the mid-range shot.  I really feel his best basketball is still in front of him.  He transitions well which is a big part of what we do offensively and defensively.  We are excited to have him as a Bearcat," stated Head Coach Brian Skortz

[Baseball] Brescia Adds Home Game
Brescia University Baseball team has added a home game to the schedule. The Bearcats will now host Oakland City University on Thursday, 4/25/18. First pitch will be at 6:00 PM CST and consist one 9 inning contest.

[Men's Golf] Bearcats Win Conference Championship
Brescia University made a big move in the final 36 holes and won the 2018 River States Conference Men's Golf Championship, which was held Monday and Tuesday at Lassing Pointe Golf Course in Union, Ky. The Bearcats won the conference for the second time in three years. Brescia won by 12 shots over runner-up Asbury (Ky.) University. Both of those top two finishers qualify for the NAIA Men's Golf National Championship with the RSC's two automatic bids. The national tournament will be held May 15-18 at TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Ill.Brescia shot up the leaderboard and took over first place after a score of 311 in the second round. The Bearcats were in seventh place after shooting 321 in the first round. There were a total of 27 holes played on both Monday and Tuesday, meaning the second round spanned both days. With 18 holes remaining, Brescia had a one-shot lead over IU Kokomo, a two-shot lead over WVU Tech and Midway and an eight-shot lead over Asbury.The Bearcats clinched the title by putting together the best round of any team in the tournament, a final-round 306 to win by 12 shots. Asbury shot a 310 to secure the conference's second bid to nationals with what was the second-best round of the tournament. The Eagles shot 320 in each of the first two rounds. Brescia put three players in the Top 10 on its way to the team title. Trevor Brown finished third with a 1-over 72 in the final round. Daniel Steele tied for fifth, and Chance England was ninth. The All-RSC Men's Golf First and Second Teams were named with five players each. The players with the best scores from the fall and spring made the cut. Also named was the RSC Men's Golf Champions of Character Team, which named one player from each team who best exhibits the five character values of NAIA Champions of Character, which are respect, responsibility, servant leadership and sportsmanship. ALL-RSC MEN'S GOLF FIRST TEAMMatthew McCurry – AsburyTyler Pearson -- IU EastAustin Mitchell – MidwayAustin Taylor -- Cincinnati ChristianDaniel Steele -- BresciaALL-RSC MEN'S GOLF SECOND TEAMTrevor Brown – BresciaMax Kaminsky -- Point ParkKieran Samarakoon -- WVU TechCody French – MidwayTaylor Fletcher -- IU KokomoRSC MEN'S GOLF CHAMPIONS OF CHARACTER TEAMIsaiah Penley – Alice LloydBen Campbell – AsburyDaniel Steele – BresciaRyan Bradigan-Barnett – CarlowJon Burrows – Cincinnati ChristianTyler Pearson – IU EastSeth Grimme – IU KokomoJosh Koester – MidwayDJ Graham – Ohio ChristianNick Finoli – Point ParkJerod Lemaster – Rio GrandeKieren Samarakoon – WVU Tech  

[Women's Track & Field] Lady Bearcats Compete at Centre Twilight
On Friday April 13th the Women's Track and Field team competed at the Centre College Twilight Invitational.  The women finished 12th with 4 points.800m run: Ashlie Carpenter ran 3:00.54 finishing 36th overall.1500m: Makenzie Jackson was the leading Bearcat just edging out Ashlie Carpenter.  Makenzie Finished 32nd overall in a time of 6:27.10 and Ashlie finished 33rd overall in a time of 6:28.22.5000m: Madeline Jones finished 6th out of 15 individuals crossing the line in 20:47.35.  This is a PR for Madeline and is the fastest 5k time by a Bearcat since Jasmine Pulliam in 2013.Kassi Gilbert did both the Long Jump and Triple Jump.  In Long Jump, she finished 20th overall with a distance of 4.3m.  In Triple Jump, she had a distance of 9.38m and finished 15th overall.Shot Put: Mikayla Chinn was the top thrower with a distance of 10.98m.  This was a new PR and school record for her.  Mikayla finished 8th out of 30 throwers.  Jordan Blemker finished 27th overall with a distance of 8.44m.Discus: Mikayla Chinn was again the top thrower with a distance of 27.11 finishing 19th.  She was followed by Jordan Blemker who finished 25th with a distance of 22.36m.The Lady Bearcats will compete in their final regular season invitational this weekend at the Rose-Hulman Twilight, before heading to Pittsburgh for the River States Conference Championship April 27th.

[Baseball] Bearcats Salvage Series
The Bearcats lost games 1 and 2 this weekend (11-2, 15-4) at Indiana Kokomo, before bouncing back to win game 3, 5-2.The Bearcats didn't have much going in the first two games of the series. Starting pitchers were tagged with 12 walks in just six innings of combined pitching. Brescia also had five costly errors over that period of time as well.In game 3, the Bearcats were able to scratch across some timely hitting, combined with four defensive mishaps from IUK to salvage a series sweep by IUK. Hunter Kloke picked up the win for the Bearcats. Kloke tossed a complete game allowing just five hits and two earned runs. The offense was led by Alex Pennes and Colton Hurt who were both 2 for 4 with an RBI apiece.Brescia is scheduled to be back in action Tuesday at home against Cumberland University. The Bearcats are also at home this weekend, Friday and Saturday, as they take on the University of Rio Grande. Friday will be a single nine inning contest starting at 5:00 CST and Saturday will be a doubleheader starting at 12:00 CST. This will also be the final home contest of the year and be celebrated as senior weekend. Seniors will be honored between games on Saturday.

[Women's Golf] Women's Golf 5th of 9 in RSC Tournament
The Bearcats traveled to a wintry River States Conference Tournament in Union, KY on April 16th and 17th. The event was cut from a 54 hole event to a 36 hole event because of the blizzard like conditions day one. The Lady Bearcats fought extremely hard through below freezing temps and sideways snow to finish 5th in the 9 team event. Coach Cox says" In all my years being around the game I have never had a tournament be delayed mid round so that the snow could melt". Jamie Jolly led the ladies with a 10th place finish shooting 88-90 for the two days. Brooke Hattabaugh (t-20) with a 102-93. Allie Holeman (22) with a 100-96. And Makenzie Moore with a 108-99. Along with being the low Lady Bearcat, Jamie Jolly also was the recipient of the Champions of Character award for the Lady Bearcats 2018. This ends the run for the Lady Bearcats this Spring. However, with additions and more signings to come, they will be ready for Fall in no time to improve their standing in the River States Conference. Thank you to all the parents, donors, and fellow supporters of the Lady Bearcat program. We could not do it without you. #wearebu #golflikeabearcat

[Baseball] Bearcats Lose to #21 Campbellsville University
The Bearcats dropped a contest to #21 ranked Campbellsville University Tuesday by a score of 18-6.The Bearcats will return to action this Friday and Saturday as they take on Indiana University Kokomo in a 3 game set. Game times at 1:00 EST Friday and 12:00 EST Saturday.

[Softball] Bearcats Lose to Cincinnati Christian
 The Lady Bearcats played host to conference opponent Cincinnati Christian on Thursday, April 12th. Cassie Moss led the Bearcats going 2 for 3 at the plate with a double and scoring 2 runs. Shelby Franklin took the mound going 6 innings while giving up 6 hits, 2 walks, and struck out 1. Courtney Payne relieved Franklin in the 6th giving up 3 hits and 3 walks. Cincinnati Christian won 7-3.In the second game against Cincinnati Christian, the Lady Cats only produced 2 hits. Alison Russell started the game only going 2 innings giving up 2 hits and walked 1. Courtney Payne again came in to relieve Russell. Payne gave up 6 hits, 5 walks, and struck out 2. Cincinnati Christian won in 5 innings 12-3.

[Softball] Softball Splits Series
On Friday, April 13th the Bearcats hosted another conference opponent, Ohio Christian. The Lady Cats came out swinging with 10 total hits. Courtney Klueppel led the way going 3 for 3 with a double. Cassie Moss followed Klueppel going 2 for 3 with a double. Alison Russell held Ohio Christian to only 1 hit. She struck out 6. The Bearcats won 8-0 in 5 innings.In the second game against Ohio Christian the Lady Cat's bats went cold! They only produced 2 hits although struggling at the plate, the Bearcats were winning up to the 7th 3-2. Untimely errors plus hitting contributed to Ohio Christian scoring 2 more runs in the top of the 7th. Alison Russell took the amount again giving up 5 hits, 2 walks, and striking out 2. Courtney Payne came in to relieve Russell and gave up 3 hits 1 walk, and struck out 1. Ohio Christian won the game 4-3.The Lady Bearcats hit the road on Tuesday, April 17th to play St. Mary's of the Woods. 

[Softball] Lady Bearcats Take 2 from St. Mary's of the Woods
In the first game against St. Mary's of the Woods, the Lady Bearcats produced only 6 hits but managed to push across the only run needed to win the ballgame. In the bottom of the 7th inning Sydney Cox lead off with a single while Brooke Whipple followed behind her with a sacrifice bunt moving Cox to 2nd. Courtney Beverly then came to the plate and laced one into a gap between center and right field to score Sydney Cox. Madison Simms pitched a whale of a complete game. She only gave up 3 hits and struck out 4. The Lady Bearcats won 1-0.The second started with St. Mary's of the Woods scoring 2 runs right off the bat in the1st inning. The Bearcats produced 1 run in the 1st. St. Mary's followed in the 3rd by scoring 3 runs and then 4 more in the 4th inning. During the 3rd inning the Bearcats starting pitcher, Alison Russell took a hard line drive off of her forearm which forced her to leave the game to seek medical attention. Courtney Payne relieved Russell. In the 4th inning the Bearcats scored 1 run and 2 more in the 5th. The Bearcats refused to give up and in the 7th inning went on to score 7 runs to win the game 11-9. Madison Simms and Cassie Moss led the way going 2 for 4. Everybody in the batting line-up contributed to the win, one way or another.The Lady Cats will hit the road on Sunday to travel to Pittsburgh, PA to play 2 different conference opponents; Carlow & Point Park.

[Baseball] Bearcats Drop Series
The Brescia University Baseball team was only able to scratch one of three games this weekend at Asbury University. The Bearcats dropped game one 5-4 on a walk off hit by the Eagles. Brescia University followed up game two with another one run loss 8-7. Game three, however, the Bearcats pounded out 12 hits and 12 runs. Brescia was led by Senior Shawn Callis who was 4-5 with a double and four RBI's. Junior Yonnelle Firebrace was 3-4 with a double, homerun, and three RBI's.The Bearcats will return to Kamuf Park on Tuesday as they host the 20th ranked Tigers of Campbellsville University at 5:00 CST. They will then travel to Kokomo, IN to take on RSC opponent Indiana University-Kokomo Friday and Saturday.

[Baseball] Bearcats Fall at Home
Brescia University came up short in a nine inning contest vs. Lindsey Wilson Wednesday, 7-1. The Bearcats will return to action tonight as they travel to Wilmore, Ky to take on RSC opponent Asbury University at 6:00 EST. Doubleheader will follow on Friday starting at 1:00 EST.

[Men's Golf] Women's Golf Competes at Midway Invitational
The Brescia University Women's Golf team played in the Midway Invitational at Frankfort CC.The Lady Bearcats were led by Brooke Hattabaugh with 95/91 for a two day total of 186. Allie Holeman with a 91/101 for a 192. Makenzie Moore with a 106/101 for a 207. And Jamie Jolly with a 109/103 for a 212. Between a snow delay and tough conditions, the Lady Bearcats are getting ready for the River States Conference Championship next week on April 16/17 at Lassing Pointe in Florence KY.

[Men's Golf] Men's Golf 4th at KWC Invitational
The Brescia University Men's Golf Team just completed a 3 day tournament hosted by KWC at the Pearl Club. Facing tough conditions as well as stiff D-2 competition, the Bearcats finished 4th out of 11 teams. The Bearcats were led by Daniel Steele with a very solid outing of 74,74,77 to finish 8th overall. Trevor Brown with a 75,73,78. Nolan White with a 75,77,78. Justin Roberts 84,79,72 (low round for the Bearcats). Logan Hart 82,80,74. Parker Brown 79,77,82. Chance England 86,73,87. Kolton Myatt 84,83,86. Cam Davenport 88,88,91. Like the ladies, the Men will be preparing for the River States Conference Championship on April 23/24 at Lassing Pointe in Florence KY.